Final Grand National Tipster Comp Leaderboard

Thank you to everyone who entered our Tipster competition with 80 people entered, it has made it a great contest. After day 1 there were three players at the top of the leaderboard, who both picked out L’Unique and Zarkandar.
Day 2 was a day for the favourites, which meant that of the 5 televised races on Channel 4, only the 3:40 Topham Chase generated a qualifed winner with odds over 4/1. No one picked out Triolo D’alene so the leaderboard stays the same.
On Grand National day, three races qualified for the competition 1:45 John Smith´s Mersey Novices´ Hurdle the 2:15 John Smith´s Maghull Novices´ Chase and the Grand National. The winning horses were Ubak 22/1, Special Tiara 28/1 and Auroras Encore 66/1.

The winner by a great distance is marco who got 4 winners over the 3 days including the first two races today,

1st £25 Bet365 bets Marco – 63 pts
2nd £15 Bet365 Bets – John SMith 40pts
3rd £10 Bet365 bets – Mark Johnson 29 pts

Thanks to Bet365 for putting up the free bet prizes, if you do not have a please show your support to them by opening a new account
The next comp will be next saturday so we hope you can enter this one too.

marco69.5L'unique ( 11pts)Zarkandar (6.5 pts)Ubak (23pts)Special Tiara (29pts)
John Smith40L'unique ( 11pts)Special Tiara (29pts)
mark johnson29Special Tiara (29pts)
The Rascal17.5L'unique ( 11pts)Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
joyce17.5L'unique ( 11pts)Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
Alex Bellew11L'unique ( 11pts)
simon11L'unique ( 11pts)
Darren gilbert11L'unique ( 11pts)
mark hall11L'unique ( 11pts)
Craig Bunn11L'unique ( 11pts)
Steve Davies6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
Reno6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
rik valkoZarkandar (6.5 pts)
paul mcginty6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
James Parker6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
sophie spiby6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
Keif6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
Rob Kimberley6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
Andrew Atkinson6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
Zak Piper6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
ken6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
Phil Perkins6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
Gary Cuthbert6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
dean baines6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
Richard peers6.5Zarkandar (6.5 pts)
Milen Nikolov0
Dean Sawyer0
Peter ODwyer0
Steven power0
David Vessey0
Andy Charles0
charlie comiskey0
Gary Atkinson0
Simon Brand0
Deborah Jeavons0
andy cooper0
Gary Cuthbert0
Simon jarvis0
Simon jarvis0
Adrian Brooksbank0
Kenneth Baillie0
Connor Newton0
Michael Mcmahon0
paul mcnamee0
Nick mayer0
Jake Zywiol0
Christian Howell0
Dean baines0
Michael fores0
Karl Eastbury0
Luke Harding0
dean baines0
Matt Wyatt0
David Black0
Glen Matthews0
Mark Widdowson0
john jakobsen0
Mark Wilson0
Rob Kimberley0
Mr. P0
David Morten0
Andrew Atkinson0
Roger Smith0
Mark gore0
robert bland0
Alison Smith0
Jim Chalmers0
mark rothwell0
phil perkins0
Simon Knuckey0
Richard peers0