Tour De France Stage 9 Winner Tip

Today sees the tour go from Nantua to Chambéry. This is one of the most anticipated days of the tour so far with a serious mountain stage which involves 6 climbs including 3 Hors catégorie climbs the hardest of the lot !The riders will climb over 4,600m. The riders go through the ALps and Savoie regions.
Chambéry was the host of World Road Championships in 1989. The race was won by American Greg Lemond who won a six man sprint to get the rainbow jersey for a second time. Sean Kelly finished 3rd. The riders will be climbing pretty much from the start. The average gradient is between 9 and 10.3. The picturesque climb is the Grand Colombier which is famous for it hairpins to the summit. At the halfway point the climb ramps up to 22 per cent. The mont du CHat is the hardest with no respite on the way up and technical decent.
The GC gaps will be huge after. Chris Froome one a similar stage in 2016 with his scary downhill riding. There is 25km after the last climb. It should be a great stage.

Key Details on Stage 9 of the Tour De France

Start TownNantua12h 25
Finish TownChambéry15h 28
Stage Distance181.5km
Main ClimbsKm 3.5 - Côte des Neyrolles3.2 kilometre-long climb at 7.2% - category 2
Km 11.0 - Col de Bérentin4.1 kilometre-long climb at 6.1% - category 3
Km 38.0 - Côte de Franclens2.4 kilometre-long climb at 6% - category 3
Km 67.5 - Col de la Biche (Croix de Famban) (1 316 m)10.5 kilometre-long climb at 9% - category H
Km 91.0 - Grand Colombier (1 501 m)8.5 kilometre-long climb at 9.9% - category H
Km 134.0 - Côte de Jongieux3.9 kilometre-long climb at 4.2% - category 4
Km 155.5 - Mont du Chat (1 504 m)8.7 kilometre-long climb at 10.3% - category H
Intermediate SprintKm 126.5 - MASSIGNIEU-DE-RIVES

Stage 9 Winner Tip

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