Coral Football Jackpot Win 100,000 Pounds

Coral were our August Bookmaker of the month and they announced a revolutionary new Football Pools Bet where you could win a jackpot of £1 million from just a £1 stake. The jackpot was a first in the UK, and the £!m jackpot was won recently. Coral have continued the Football Jackpot with the top prize a guaranteed £100,000 each week.

The jackpot game is a different pool bet which is entering new territory. The new Football Jackpot game is available every weekend through the football season exclusively on the website and it a must play in our view.

How do you play Coral Football Jackpot

Coral Football Jackpot
1) Register with , New Accounts can get £50 of new bets and also Exclusive to Betting Portal you will be eligible for our Tips Password

2) Predict the Score of 15 games based on home win , draw or away win
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3) Stake £1 and if you are the sole winner you win at least £100,000 pounds but it could be a lot more
4) Play Now

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How do you Qualify as a winner ?

The first winner will win a guaranteed £100,000 there is also a consolation of prizes for players who just miss out by predicting 13 or 14 depended on the size of the pool and the number of consolation winners.
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1st consolation dividend is for anyone who matches results of 14 of the 15 matches to win a share of the 1st consolation dividend
2nd consolation dividend is shared by anyone who predicts 13 of the 15 matches to win a share of the 2nd consolation dividend
The minimum dividend regardless of the number of winning entries will be £1.10 to a £1 stake.

Lucky Dip option

If you can’t decide on the results yourself you can even choose a lucky Dip option.Coral are really excited about their new game. Simon Clare of Coral said.

Ground Breaking Coral Game

“This is an historic day as we are the first British bookmaker on the high street to ever offer our own “football pool bet” and one with the potential to create millionaires, giving existing football punters a new and fun betting opportunity to try and win a life-changing sum of money”

Play Every Saturday

The first running of the new Football Jackpot game will be the games at 3pm on 17th August 2013 and the last game in the first week will be the Monday Night Premier league game between Manchester City and Newcastle United. The Football Jackpot win pool will rollover if there is no winner, and Coral predicts that there will be occasions during the season where the prize will be in excess of £100,000.

This weeks Coral Football Jackpots Match Coupon

These are this weeks 15 matches for weekend of 30 November 2013

30/11 15:00 pm Aston Villa v Sunderland
30/11 15:00 pm Cardiff v Arsenal
30/11 15:00 pm Everton v Stoke
30/11 15:00 pm Norwich v Crystal Palace
30/11 15:00 pm West Ham v Fulham
30/11 15:00 pm Blackburn v Leeds
30/11 15:00 pm Middlesbro v Bolton
30/11 15:00 pm Dundee Utd v Kilmarnock
30/11 17:30 pm Newcastle v West Brom
01/12 12:00 pm Tottenham v Man Utd
01/12 14:05 pm Hull v Liverpool
01/12 15:00 pm Wigan v Derby
01/12 15:00 pm Hearts v Celtic
01/12 16:10 pm Chelsea v Southampton
01/12 16:10 pm Man City v Swansea


Football Jackpot Small Print

Consult the Coral website for the full terms and conditions some things to take into account are
The Football Jackpot operates weekly and usually over the weekend fixtures from Saturday to Monday Night, but they may also use midweek fixtures which will be adveresed ahead of that weeks game. Free Bets can not be used to play Football Jackpot. You can bet in other currencies and you will be charged the equalivent of £1.
All bets must be placed before the advertised ‘Pool closure’ time, This is before the first scheduled kick of of the 15 matches. If a bet is accepted after this time it will be deemed void and the stake will be returned.
March results are based on the result after 90 mins ( including injury time) but will not include extra time or penalty shoot outs. If a match is abandonded or has to be postponed but is rescheduled and played before the last adverised kick off time of the last match. then the match selection will stand. For full t+c visit Coral Website

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