New York Giants at Cincinnati NFL Week 10 Preview

Week 10 Game: New York Giants @ Cincinnati.

This week we look at a SuperBowl contender to hold off a surprise playoff team from last season. The bookies have set the spread at 3.5 favouring the Giants. New York are a strange team. They are amazing on the road and average to good at home. Every win this season has come by 4 points or more. Their biggest loss this season was last weeks 4 point heartbreaker to the Steelers. This team is 10 points better than the Bengals. They are 3-1 away from home this season.
Comparing these two is tough as they dont play each other often. Using the Steelers as a bench mark for each team we see the Giants defense will be the difference maker. Pittsburgh threw for 159 more yards on the Bengals while only an extra 77 yards against the Giants. Both teams were out gained on the ground by 90 yards. Eli is a better QB than Andy, the Giants WR’s are better then the Bengals, the Giants Linebackers, Safeties and defensive front are stronger, faster and smarter. This line should be higher.
New York Giants -3.5 (3 units)
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