Rangers back to the SPL in 3 seasons?

As you may have heard, Rangers were expelled from the SPL, due to their financial position, and have forfeited their European place.

Playing in the likes of competition in Scottish Division 3 will be a shocker for Rangers.

William Hill have listed some specials

Rangers to meet Celtic in Scottish Cup or League Cup in 2012/13 – 5/6
Rangers to win Div 3, 2, 1 & SPL in consecutive seasons – 7/2
Rangers to beat Celtic in Scottish Cup or League Cup in 2012/13 – 7/1
Rangers to be unbeaten in the league until end of 2014/15 season – 10/1
Rangers to win every Div 3 match in 2012/13 – 16/1
Rangers to win Div 3, Scottish Cup, League Cup & Ramsdens Cup in 2012/13 season – 16/1

To be odds on the old firm meet in either cup being 5/6 is not out of depth at all, but being luck of the draw, would you really want to back it? A 7/2 shot to win successive seasons, will mean having to lump on and let your cash rest for nearly 4 years before collecting. A poor price in our view and Will Hill take the view Celtic may become complacent in a one horse race!
You would need to have some luck on your side for any of the outcomes to come in. Will Hill make Celtic 4-1 to win nine SPL titles in a row.
It is possible, but who would lump on having to wait nearly 10 years to collect. It is a huge Longshot, but represents what Celtic are likely to be priced up to win the SPL for the foreseeable future.
Rangers in division 3 may be a harsh reality, but like other teams, such as Aldershot, they had to restart back in 1992.
Surely Rangers will be classed as ultra bankers each week, squad pending!