Strictly Come Dancing Next Eviction Betting

Andrew Castle is the favourite to be the next go from Strictly Come Dancing. He is 13/8 with William Hilol and as Short as 11/10 with Paddy Power. The next favourite to go is Heather Small at 2/1 with William Hill and Only 7/4 at Paddypower. We recommend opening a Betfair Account to get the best odds

Heather amazing escape from the Dance-Off (for which he is tipped to go) in six weeks, which, in turn, tells us it is difficult to read the votes public. Although the previous two showdowns, he regrets the suffering, and it was the first in the past week, seven, so well done Heather.

I never say to people is how to vote on the matter, views, together with Tess Daly, who said: “You can never, as the public will vote for these days.”

Again, I lose a high point in the future. Cherie two weeks ago, and this time Tom … those who are struggling with champagne for his wedding. I hope it is alcohol free this week, because I am sure he is one of the nail Austin. To goodbye and Mark Foster, the body is lost, not many of you.

This week is difficult, as all competitors in various argue with dancing, some important, some not. I was busy beavering for all week, trying to come up with solutions.

I still think Austin is too short to return directly to the winner in 2.88, although I may have got it wrong last week, I see no value. Tom is a much better price, 4,88, and E, we do not forget to dance, she is young and it would be more natural.

I excuse the debt. There, I meant Lisa Snowdon was a photographer royal family, I was wrong. He was a very famous George Clooney … I do not know about it. Has anyone? Perhaps he should say it to people and let them know ……….

Betfair is a new market and welcome one. It is a “two-to-market” this weekend, when Andrew Castle 1.37 Heather Small 1.52, 2.62 and Jodie KIDd find themselves at the top. This is indeed grades three sky shop is very short, and two of the three do not go.

And Heather Andrew found that the majority of improvements in late Monday, when even Jodie stompy and a little difficult.

The castle is an attractive character, actually it’s quite nice middle-class hairdresser way. He described himself this week, is “room that will not go.” I had a similar kind of along the same lines, if I had to describe people.

In any event, GMTV, that people see his 40-love down this week (the phrase would be people familiar with), and it should be a good Samba escape exit. The boom in the door behind him, he comes to the need for physical and psychological, dance, but it will grab an audience vote?

Heather is the Cha-Cha-Cha this weekend, and it is certainly more
rights and self-confidence after recent results. However, the singer has struggled with the formation of moving past few days, and quickly, and the time required to Cuba actions, it could be a problem again.

Tom Chambers was chanting “No Paso period” during his practice session Monday. Funny.

In recent weeks, Paso Double everything was poor. This dance and aggressive
anger, and most competitors struggled with it. This is not the eyes and face, body and Tom need to change the happy happy, Tom, Mr. Nasty Nasty.

Christine is a favorite of American Smooth stores, it is better than it simply can not be angry. Bleakley surprising were the three judges Craig last week .. How dare he do? For all the Northern Ireland behind, and he shows he would enjoy seeing the beauty of this dance better Paso.

John Sargeant was described in Christina partners as the perfect antidote
That the credit crisis this week. I can not accept that the tonnage of money and effort will be much better than the fat, balding guy marched around the living room.

John has a foxtrot, and was ashamed, and then moved in a few days. I am so ashamed of his 1.81 and the lowest score, 5.66, but its elimination. Phone, which will be the key to it.

Although I Cherie Lunghi, her dancing as well, he could for his fight with people in Salsa. This nurse of styles, difficult and grace (for me as a woman). Indicates that there is clear evidence of the absence of several steps in the week, he is now feeling intimidated
faster than salsa steps and trained to find difficulties.

Latest Strictly Come Dancing Eviction Betting

13/8 Andrew Castle, 2/1 Heather Small, 4/1 John Sergeant, 6/1 Jodie Kidd, 14/1 Lisa Snowden, 16/1 Christine Bleakley, 66/1 Cherie Lunghi, 66/1 Rachel Stevens, 80/1 Austin Healey, 80/1 Tom Chambers