Baltimore at Philadelphia Match Up Betting NFL Week 2

This week we tackle our first week of NFL betting on BettingPortal. For most teams it’s either their first home or away game. The game we look at this week is Baltimore at Philadelphia.

The eagles look to defend a traditional home field advantage against the white-hot Ravens. I love the Ravens head-to-head in this game. Flaccid and Vick have never met in regular or pre season competition. I’m not going to bore you with stats. Just think about Baltimore offense vs Philadelphia defense, Philadelphia offense vs Baltimore defense. The ravens have the advantage of being able to reliable control the clock with Ray Rice (barely fumbles or turns over). If the Ravens need to move the ball quickly Harbaugh hands the ball to Flaco and says find Smith deep.

Andy Reid is one of the greatest NFC coaches of all time. He is going to have to put in some late nights to crack this Baltimore defense which as strong as a Russian tank. I can’t see a Eagle receiver breaking 100 yards in this game nor Vick breaking 250 on this LB/S corp. Just on these match ups alone the bookies have the Ravens undervalued.

During the week 1 win over the Bengals the Ravens offense finally found the mojo they have spent years searching for. They beat down the Bengals quickly on monday night but it won’t be as easy this week. The books have undervalued BAL’s flashy performance against the Bengals and could cost them alot, they are still leaving alot of value on the board. The line at most books is still -1 Philadelphia showing you how close this game is. It will be hard to look past Flacco and Rice controlling the ball as they methodically move up and down the field.

On a scale of 1-5 units:

BAL win 2.5 units Best odds skybet 11/8

Good Luck & Responsible betting.