Torun FIM Speedway Grand Prix Of Poland 2013 Preview

The final round of this year’s SGP series heads to Torun, Poland to cap what has been one of the worst injury hit season to date.
Tai Woffinden is six points off being crowned the new world champion the first Brit since 2000. Woffinden faces his nearest rival in heat five where if the points go in favour of the Scunthorpe born man then the title could be settled as soon as that.
Last week saw Martin Vaculik crowned as the European Champion which after a dismal grand prix campaign sent a vital message out that he is very capable of battling with the stars of the show. Vaculik is currently 14th in the standings with 56 points. The only full time rider to have done worse is Sweden’s Antiono Lindback who incidentally was victorious in last years GP at Torun.
A key man to watch in tomorrows meeting is 21 year old Darcy Ward. Ward, a Torun rider in the Polish Ekstraliga will have extensive knowledge of the 325 meter track. The former two time world under-21 champion has only recorded double figure scores in each GP he competed in.
Fellow Torun team mate Adrian Miedzinski has been handed the wildcard race jacket for tomorrow. While Torun junior Kamil Pulczynski has been given the second reserve place with Pawel Prezedpelski fills the first reserve spot.
With Holder and Torun track record holder Tomas Gollob out injured (Troy Batchelor comes in to replace Gollob in the Australian champions speedway grand prix debut.) the top eight are almost certain as Freddie Lindgren is 11 points adrift of Ward in eighth.
This means that it will be a battle in the lower half of the table to try and impress the FIM in order to get selected to fill the wildcard places for next year. Defending world champion Chris Holder and Andreas Jonsson are obvious picks expected to be in next years series after injury affected both their seasons hopes.
Line up.
Heat 1: A Miedzinski. L Madsen. F Lindgren. T Batchelor
Heat 2: K Kasprzak. M Zagar. G Hancock. A Jonsson.
Heat 3: D Ward. M Vaculik. T Woffinden. NK Iversen
Heat 4: A Lindback. A Dryml. N Pedersen. J Hampel.
Heat 5: J Hampel. A Miedzinski. K Kasprzak. T Woffinden
Heat 6: A Dryml. D Ward. L Madsen. G Hancock.
Heat 7: M Vaculik. A Lindback. M Zagar. A Lindback.
Heat 8: T Batchelor. A Jonsson. NK Iversen. N Pedersen
Heat 9: G Hancock. N Pedersen. A Miedzinski. M Vaculik
Heat 10: NK Iversen. K Kasprzak. A Lindback. L Madsen.
Heat 11: A Jonsson. T Woffinden. F Lindgren. A Dryml.
Heat 12: J Hampel. T Batchelor. D Ward. M Zagar
Heat 13: M Zagar. NK Iversen. A Dryml. A Miedzinski.
Heat 14: L Madsen. J Hampel. A Jonsson. M Vaculik
Heat 15: N Pedersen. F Lindgren. D Ward. K Kasprzak
Heat 16: T Woffinden. G Hancock. T Batchelor. A Lindback
Heat 17: A Miedzinski. A Jonsson. A Lindback. D Ward.
Heat 18: T Woffinden. L Madsen. M Zagar. N Pedersen
Heat 19: F Lindgren. NK Iversen. J Hampel. G Hancock
Heat 20: K Kasprzak. A Dryml. M Vaculik. T Batchelor.