Tour De France 2010 Preview Looks to Challenge Riders

The 2010 Tour De France looks to be one of the most challenging and arduous Tour De France in ages. This edition of the Tour De France will include a cobblestone section for the first time since 2004. The cobblestones create many challenges for the Tour De France riders.

Stage 3 through the city of Wanze is where the cobblestone section will jolt the riders into reality. Not only will the cobblestones take it’s toll on the riders arms but if anyone does fall in this bumpy section it will undoubtedly lead to possible race ending injuries.

Stages 7-10 will be the riders first foray into the high mountains and it should separate the men from the boys. Coming out of the mountains to the plains heading into Sisteron will give us our first look at the man with the best chance to win the Tour De France. Expected to be heading into Sisteron first should be riders such as Americans, Levi Leipheimer and Lance Armstrong along with last years winner, Team Astana’s Alberto Contador. If any rider beside these three is leading coming out of the mountains it will be a surprise but not shocking.

After a three day break of riding through countryside for stages 11-13, the riders will be forced to climb the Pyrenees in stages 14-17. By far the toughest hill climb in recent Tour De France history, riders legs will be screaming as the descend out of the Pyrenees. Stage 17 will not go easy on the riders. The riders will face one the most menacing descents ever in the Tour De France at a time when they are at their most vulnerable.

The riders that are left after stage 17 will then just have one day of riding through the countryside and then will race one time trial before the Tour De France ends riding through the Paris Champs-Élysées. The favorites to win are obviously Alberto Contador and his former Astana teammate Lance Armstrong. After his horrible crash in last years Tour De France, Levi Leipheimer will look to challenge the two Tour legends.

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