Formula One European Grand Prix: Can Hamilton Stay Hot?

Formula One invades Valencia, Spain for the 2010 European Grand Prix. After one week rest following the Montreal Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and his McLaren Mercedes teammate Jenson Button, will be looking to continue their new found dominance on the Formula One circuit.
Entering the 2010 Formula One season, Ferrari was expected to thrash the competition. Ferrari has actually struggled to start the season but Fernando Alonso is still in fourth place in the overall standings following Montreal. The team that started out strong to begin the season, Team Red Bull with Sebastian Vettel and Australia’s Mark Webber has struggled to complete the deal of late. Whether it is poor decision making by the drivers or the pit strategists time will tell.

The favorites entering this years European Grand Prix have to be the team with the hot hand, McLaren Mercedes. Although neither Hamilton nor Jenson Button have won in this event, it is tough not to pick them to make the top five at least. Look for Hamilton or Button to be on the podium for the European Grand Prix.

What about Michael Schumacher? The man has won the Eurpoean Grand Prix six times. Remember this race does shift between tracks and aside from that fact, Schumacher is just not up to snuff yet. Driving for Mercedes GP, Schumacher has yet to make a podium in this 2010 Formula One season.

The sentimental favorite heading into the European Grand Prix will be Spaniard Fernando Alonso. Alonso has had a disappointing season thus far in Formula One, after dominating the landscape for a few years. The problem is that Alsonso has the fifth best car on the Formula One circuit.

Looking for a long shot to make an impact in the European Grand Prix? Take a look at Robert Kubica. Driving for Renault, a team lacking the technplogy of the big three teams, Kubica has been a factor in every Formula One race this year. Kubica is a technician that gets the most out of what he has.

Podium Prediction:

1) Lewis Hamilton
2) Fernando Alonso
3) Robert Kubica