Pakistan v Australia Test Match Preview 2010

Pakistan v Australia Test Matches July 2010 take place in England on Neutral Grounds. The month of July 2010 will see two nations, Pakistan and Australia, compete in 1st and 2nd Test cricket matches which contribute to their overall rankings in the ICC Test Championship. The 1st Test starts on the 13th July and will finish on the 17th July and will be played at Lord’s. Following on from that, the 2nd Test will be played at Headingley Stadium starting on the 21st July and finishing on the 25th. Both matches will surely be an enjoyable addition to the Test Series.
Australia will be looking to get their revenge as it is the first time these two nations will have met again since their last battle at the beginning of July at Edgbaston in the International Twenty20 matches where Pakistan were triumphant leading to a 2-0 win for them in the series. They will no doubt be highly confident going into the Test Match however with these being a gruelling five days, it will definitely be a test for them as Australia are no push over! This will no doubt be a great battle between the two but both of these teams do need to earn some more points in the Test Championship overall as neither team is at the top of the rankings table. Australia is above Pakistan though so they do have the advantage in that respect. They are also the most successful nation out of the nine in the Test Championship overall as well so on paper, should Australia be the clear winner for this matches?