Will Man U regain the Premier League title this season?

It seems like quite a while since that epic last day of the season where Man City won the title from nowhere. It was reported that when the Man U final whistle meant that people piled in on a some what “no lose” situation. Man U at that time would win the title and 1/33 at Ladbrokes were offered. Punters took no time to pocket an easy 3% return. Easy so to speak, as backers were stunned and layers on Betfair smiling. We will give special consideration to those that had title bets on City all season. They must have been quaking in their boots?!

United fans will admit it is a moment they wish to forget, but premier league betting, if handled properly can be traded in and out to make a tidy profit, if in some situations are daring enough to hold on, for that shock draw or defeat, which does happen. Manchester United are so experienced and Fergie would have been close to bursting a blood vessel with the stress on the last day of the last domestic season.

Man U are as big as 13/5 at 888sport, Blue square and BetVictor. It is obvious that Bookies go with Man City to retain the title at 13/10 in places and JUST 1/1 at BetVictor. You could easily think trading Man City could reap early rewards. At 127/100 on Betfair to back, laying them at this price may bring Xmas home, if you play your cards right. The price is too short to back for a season bet and as we saw EVEN on the last day of the season, you had many layers laying off their liabilities on City and walk away with a profit!

Recommendation: Trade Man City!

With Man City being favourites, their hitman of Ageuro is best 8/1 to be top scorer. Can he outscore 9/1 Wayne Rooney? take Rooney as their favourite for top scorer. We are not popular with top goalscorer, as of course; a major injury will wipe you out!

Interestingly, speculators that believe United and City will be the two horse race all season, take out a calculated 10/3 and 9/2 on a City/United forecast both ways. The 10/3 is with William Hill, and the 9/2 with Boylesports with a United/City forecast. That could be an interesting bet for the season.

Also what could be a good punt for the season is whether we think Man U will win the title?

Yes we have already stated for City to be laid and traded for the title. The principle here will be to lock in a profit and then make the best team win. At time of going to press, there is no season match bets for the pair. Fergie will want to win the title as he will retire soon, and believe one more failed bid will see his voluntary departure into overdue retirement. To quote Fergie at just 50/1 to be next manager to leave the premier is a joke, as it wont happen.

Man U being quoted at 13/5 will give fans some value from previous seasons in winning the title. We cannot say if they will win it, as we are not psychic. However we do believe they will be up there all season. We must hazard all punters, to be aware of the top 2 and 4 finishes. The prices are very short, and worth avoiding. Even at the end of the season if you said, I told you so, its not the prices, you want your bit of poke resting all season!

To end, if you think Utd will lose it completely and consider for relegation, you will get 3000/1 at Ladbrokes with 1000/1 offered elsewhere.

Best of Luck to Man U and who knows, can lightening strike twice for City? Wait and find out!

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