Scandinavian Speedway GP 2013 Preview

The new ‘Friends Arena’ in Stockholm, Sweden, is hosting the penultimate round of the 2013 FIM speedway grand prix series. The 34,000 capacity national stadium which opened just under a year ago is going to host the first GP in the Swedish capital since 2009 albeit as the Scandinavian GP.
Tai Woffinden already has one hand on the world title and could be the new world champion by the end of tomorrow’s meeting as Emil Sayfutdinov has announced his absence for the remainder of this season. Woffinden has a 22 point lead over his now nearest challenger Jarek Hampel in third place. Leon Madsen will continue in place of Sayfutdinov, Madsen has certainly not disappointed on the world stage and has scored 14 points so far.
Nicki Pedersen is on 108 points so far but the hard charging three time world champion will be sure to push fellow Dane Jarek Hampel close in the race for the silver medal.
With the championship being all but wrapped up all eyes will be on the push for the top eight. Matej Zagar passed up on the opportunity to make his place for next year a certainty through the GP challenge meeting. Zagar is currently 7th on 92 points with Gollob four points behind in 8th.
With youngster Darcy Ward just 11 points off Gollob any mistakes from either one of these riders could alter their fate for next year.
Kim Nilsson has been given the wildcard race jacket for tomorrows GP. This will be the 23 years old world championships debut. However the Lakeside Hammers youngster has won a bronze at under-21 level in the world cup in 2008.
Fellow countryman Freddie Lindgren who is currently out of the top eight automatic place for next year on 73 points will be hoping for a big display in front of his home crowd.
The Wolves rider is the highest placed Swede with Andreas Jonsson and Antonio Lindback down in 14th and 15th respectively after both suffering a GP season to forget.
Track reserve Fredrik Engman who lives in Stockholm was recently crowned under-21 Swedish champion ahead of fellow reserve Olvier Berntzon. The temporary track makes for a level playing field tomorrow night where getting the right set up and big points early on will be vital as track degradation is unknown and could cause problems in the later stages of the meeting.
Heat 1: G Hancock, F. Lindgren, A. Lindback, m. Vaculik.
Heat 2: T. Gollob, M. Zagar, A. Jonsson, T. Woffinden.
Heat 3: N. Pedersen, L. Madsen, K. Kasprzak, A. Dryml.
Heat 4: D. Ward, K. Nilsson, NK. Iversen, J. Hampel.
Heat 5: J. Hampel, G. Hancock, T. Gollob, K. Kasprzak
Heat 6: K. Nilsson, N. Pedersen, F. Lindgren, A. Jonsson
Heat 7: L. Madsen, D. Ward, M Zagar, A. Lindback
Heat 8: M. Vaculik, T. Woffinden, A. Dyrml, NK. Iversen
Heat 9: A. Jonsson, NK. Iversen, G. Hancock, L. Madsen
Heat 10: A. Dryml, T. Gollob, D. Ward, F. Lindgren
Heat 11: T. Woffinden, K. Kasprzak, A. Lindback, K. Nilsson
Heat 12: J. Jampel, M. Vaculik, N. Pedersen, M. Zagar
Heat 13: M. Zagar, A. Dryml, K. Nilsson, G. Hancock
Heat 14: F. Lindgren, J. Hampel, T. Woffinden, L. Madsen
Heat 15: NK. Iversen, A. Lindback, N. Pedersen, T. Gollob
Heat 16: K. Kasprzak, A. Jonsson, M, Vaculik, D. Ward
Heat 17: G. Hancock, T. Woffinden, D. Ward, N. Pedersen
Heat 18: K. Kasprzak, F. Lindgren, M. Zagar, NK. Iversen
Heat 19: A. Lindback, A. Dryml. J. Hampel, A. Jonsson
Heat 20: T. Gollob, K. Nilsson, L. Madsen, M. Vaculik
Semi 1
Semi 2